Firma GRASS-LJ (g.Beyrut) is the official distributor in Lebanon by the Russian company OOO “TD GRASS” manufacturer is a professional chemistry and car care products and detergents for the cleaning business. All products are manufactured by Italian technology, using the Italian raw materials, it has quality certificates.

You can buy from us:

– For car: accessories and clothing, professional equipment, cleaning equipment, active foam, cleaners, polishes, waxes, cherniteli and more;

– For cleaning: equipment and dishwashing detergent, floor cleaner, stain remover, to plumbers, to clean carpets and much more.

GRASS The company was founded in 2003, and during that time from a small regional company it has grown into a major producer of chemistry and tools for cleaning. The product range and production volumes continue to grow to the present day, and the geography of presence spread far beyond Russia.

Since its foundation, the company has taken as a basis for the five main principles:

Quality – this is the principle of forming and development of consumer confidence in the product.
Innovation – the desire to be always on the peak of progress.
Responsibility – how to partners and to consumers.
The efficiency – by optimizing the work in all aspects of company operations GRASS acquired status as a leader in the occupied sector in Russia.
Openness – the ability to perceive new things, the willingness to always go for dialogue and seek mutually beneficial partnership.
Through the use of the basic principles, our company has achieved impressive success. History of Grass – a continuous development, production discipline and hard work.

A year after the founding of the company product shipments have gone beyond the Volgograd region: in the Rostov and Krasnodar. And two years later began to form the dealer network.

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From the first recipe contactless Autoshampooes up to 224 types of products and equipment, from the first sale to 4 branches and 120 distributors located in 67 regions of Russia and in more than 20 countries, the company has just 12 years, and this is only the beginning. The rapid pace of development, highly qualified staff, modern equipment and unquenchable energy allow employees to fully meet all the needs of our customers, choosing efficient chemicals and tools for high-quality cleaning.

Company GRASS today:

– Production of 50,000 square meters. m;
– 36 000 tonnes of finished products per year;
– 130 items of professional car care products and 94 funds for professional cleaning;
– 300 professional, highly qualified staff, who are working to develop effective means to remove any contaminants.
In each new product we put the idea of unmatched purity. Our core values – purity and constant movement forward.

GRASS – “Movement in its pure form”